How to Find a Trusted Blackjack

Playing blackjack online is very popular. If you are serious about playing real money blackjack, you should aim to play on safe and trusted blackjack sites. However, finding such reputable blackjack casinos is not a walk in the park. For the Newzealand players, you can find some of the best blackjack sites on . Below are some of the tips to help you land on a trusted blackjack.

Check the License

For a blackjack casino to operate in any country, they must be having a valid license. A license is issued by the federal gambling commission. The type of license will control how the business will be operated. Only a legitimate blackjack casino site gets a license. They should also run according to the policy document signed when they were receiving a license.

  • A site should submit a proof of readomness before getting a license.

Bleaching the contact can make the site lose its license. A legit blackjack casino must publish the license number for the members to see. The information should be easily accessible without much hustle. The best place to have it is on the home page. You should also be keen since some sites can forge their license and end up duping you to sign up.

Be Keen on the Offers Available

All blackjack casinos are in the business to make money. Their main goal is to attract as many customers as possible. That is why they have different offers available. They include sign-up bonuses and free games. Their main aim is to make players sign-up and make a deposit in their sites. It is very good to have such a bonus offers. It makes players feel appreciated.

However, you should also be keen on the type of offers promised. Some of the offers can be unrealistic. For example, a blackjack casino might promise you a wagering free sign-up bonus of £200 when you deposit your first £10. In reality that cannot happen. Such casinos can go bankrupt in the next day. If you see such unrealistic offers, shy away for the safety of your dime.


Having Some Missing Information

A legit blackjack casino will disclose all information crucial to gamblers. Such information includes contact details such as phone number. The number should be valid and working. The casino should also have a physical office where the owners run it from. The information about contact details and physical location should be available on the home page. It is a red flag if you can see them.

  • You can use the physical location of a blackjack casino in the event that you have been scarmed. It will have you register a petition.

A scam site will try to hide such information from the gamblers. It will always keep curious gamblers who try to find out more. If you find such a blackjack site, don't waste most of your precious time there. Having a physical location is not all. If possible, you can plan to visit their office and see their operation. Remember trust is expensive.

Distracting Information Should Not Be Ignored

In traditional brick and mortar blackjack casinos, the casino owners should distract the players with some baits. It could be a glass of wine or a beautiful half-naked women dancing in front of the gamblers. Remember, the blackjack game requires great attention. In case you lose focus, you could lose easily. Such distractors would increase the house edge and make the owners more money.

Online blackjack is no different. Most fraud blackjack casinos will provide distracting information. It will use some attractive pictures such as beautiful dealers, dollars, expensive wine, and also attractive tables. Their main aim is to keep your mind away from checking their authenticity. Such offers will drive you crazy. Before you come to your senses, you have aready registered and lost your deposit.

Customer Feedback and Expert Comment

When people play on any online casino, they are likely to leave feedback somewhere online. Mostly, they will leave genuine feedback depending on the quality of services offered. A fraud online casino will have little or information available about former players. They will also post sugarcoated reviews about themselves on their website. Below are some of the places you can get a genuine feedback about a casino;

  • Social media such as Facebook.
  • Online forums such as Quora.
  • Personal Blogs.

Just like any other sector, gambling has its experts. They are veterans in this game. Such experts run gambling consultant firms. You can seek expert advice about the blackjack site you want to play. It might cost you some more coins, but it is worthy since you will get genuine feedback that helps you to land on a legit blackjack casino site.